CoNECT with us

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Employability Workshops & Events

In order to prepare you for the what comes after University and ensure that you leave UBD with more than just a piece of paper, we have career-related activities especially for you to sign up for and attend. Once you venture into the job market, you will be competing with thousands of other graduates and job seekers and this time around, you have the opportunity to gain insights from your successful seniors in various fields and the recruiters themselves.

Experience Board

Skills are best learned through experiences and you can start collecting those while you are in University by checking out what is available on the "Experience Board". Within the campus alone, many of our activities require volunteers and if you sign up with us, we will contact you whenever the need for in-campus volunteers arise.

Graduate Studies at UBD

Should you choose to further your studies at UBD, you can find more information on the programmes available and on how to apply here.

For PhD candidates, you also have the opportunity to apply for the more competitive Graduate Research Scholarship Programme which provides you with additional resources, to conduct your research.

The Career Board is where you can refer to for career opportunities available for those who are either searching for employment or those thinking or deciding to pursue a different path in their career.

We have divided the career opportunities in different categories for your convenience and you can find out more about them by clicking on them.