Who are CoNECT

What we do

UBD CoNECT was set up for students and alumni to help bridge the gap between academic study and the world of employment. It aims to support the goals of each individual as well as the goals of the employers, university and nation by tailoring career focused skills and resources towards the needs of our students and providing experiences and opportunities for self exploration and development.

Below is a list of our main student services:

Career Guides


It can be highly rewarding experience to pursue a career that you are passionate about, applying your skills and talents while growing as an individual. Career guidance offers you confidential support and advice that can help you:

  • Understand your career potential
  • Explore your skills and talents
  • Set personal goals

Whats involved in career guidance?

Our career guides will ask you about your background, career aspirations and current goals so they can offer you the best advice and guidance. This can be an individual experience or if you prefer you can request to take part in a group session where you can support others with similar interests.

Career guides can help you to:

  • Understand your current circumstances and highlight areas to focus on and develop
  • Understand your career options by offering you ideas and options to explore
  • Point you in the direction of relevant training and skills

Sessions are fully confidential and last approx 20 minutes for one on one sessions.

How to prepare for career guidance

To get the most out of your session be prepared to actively participate in the discussions. You will get more out of the session if your come prepared with some ideas on areas you would like to discuss with the guide. Although it’s not essential, having a clear career goal in mind can help you to focus the session. If you are unsure about your career goal our guide can help you to explore your options.

Please bring a copy of your CV. If you don’t have a copy have a go at making one as you will learn much more from the sessions.

Bring a notepad and pen. Feel free to bring a laptop but limited charging facilities will be available

What is not included in career guidance

Career guides are not available to source employment vacancies. They are also not academic advisors who can tell you what your ideal career path is. The aim of the sessions are to explore your options and offering advice to help you determine career strategies. Career Guides cannot write CV’s and covering letters but can offer advice and suggestions.

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Career Upskilling Clinics


Our career clinics are designed to help you become better prepared and more confident in knowing what to expect for job applications, interviews and assessment days. They will enable you to develop a more rounded set of skills and qualities that are highly desired by employers.

CoNECT have recognised an increase in feedback from employers who would like to see an improvement in the quality of CV applications, competency of interviews and a development in the mindset and attitude required in the world of work.

We therefore offer the three core career skill clinics below to help ensure you stand out with your application:

Career guides can help you to:

  • Excel in CV and Cover Letter Writing!
  • Ace that Interview!
  • Unleash your Inner Entrepreneur!

These core skills will not only be used in your final year graduate employment applications but also throughout your time at university in securing internships and discovery year placements.

We will also host a variety of clinics covering a range of topics such as:

  • Working abroad
  • How to boost your career prospects through extra-curricular activities
  • How to develop and demonstrate strong leadership skills
  • How to develop and demonstrate team-working skills
  • How to tackle assessment centre case studies
  • Local and Global Internship Placements
  • Business Talk Series

How to prepare for the workshops

For our core workshops please bring a copy of your CV. If you don’t have a copy have a go at making one as you will learn much more from the sessions.

Bring a notepad and pen. Feel free to bring a laptop but limited charging facilities will be available Most importantly bring yourself and an open mind!

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Resources and Career Information


The UBD CoNECT site contains a wide range of information and resources to help you make in-formed choices about your future career.

Whether its understanding your personality strengths, learning how to apply for jobs, searching current vacancies or dealing with stress we have something to meet everyones needs regardless of where you are on your career development journey.

Career and Networking Events


Our annual career fair provides a valuable opportunity for current students, graduands and alumni to seek employment, internship opportunities and part-time work while offering opportunity to network with employers and understand the skills and experiences employers require. This will allow students to plan their time through university to meet these requirements through extra-curricular activities.

The fair also offers a series of talks which serve as both educational and motivational on a range of inspiring topics including alumni success stories, life within employment, tips on becoming an entrepreneur and how to make the best use of your time at university.

Our talks will be complemented by our career skills clinics covering vital skills on how to construct a winning CV, how to become a competent interviewee and how to become more entrepreneurial. We consider these skills essential for every student as they will be required in internship and discovery year applications and graduate job placements.

Insight into the Employer Market


In our industry insight section we share with you information on what employers look for in an employee, what you can do with your degree and the expectations required from some graduate job roles.

By using your career passport to plan your career goal you can involve yourself in ECA’s, courses and work experience to gain the knowledge and skills needed to meet an employers expectations.

Employment Opportunities


CoNECT are here to help bring graduate jobs, internship opportunities, part-time vacancies and volunteering opportunities from various organisations into one place where you can browse and filter by sector, type and location to match your requirements.

We make it simple for you to apply for a vacancy by simply attaching your CV and covering letter in response to a job posting.

Jobs will be listed by order of newest to oldest postings but do keep an eye on the closing dates for applications as some may only be a couple of weeks or less.

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Info drop-in

You're always welcome to come and talk to us at the helpdesks, where we offer an information drop-in throughout opening hours.

No need to make an appointment - just come along.

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Who can use the career service?

To be eligible to use the Universiti of Brunei Careers Service you must be one of the following:

  • Student of the Universiti of Brunei
  • Graduand or Alumni of the Universiti of Brunei

Please feel free to use the below external resources for further opportunities and information or if you are not eligible to use CoNECT’s services.

Our Vision and Mission


To provide our students and alumni with excellent services, resources and career opportunities


To complement the vision of UBD by encouraging an enterprising mindset within our students

Core Values

Communication, Resources, Continuous improvement, Student focused

Our Student Services

  • Career Guides (Coming Soon)
  • Career Upskilling Clinics
  • Resources and Career Information
  • Career and Networking Events
  • Insight into the Employer Market (Coming Soon)
  • Employment Opportunities

Our Employer Services

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Sponsorships
  • Employer Days with talks and workshops
  • Insight into the student market

Meet the Team


CoNECT Manager

Gavin oversees the running of CoNECT and develops new programmes and initiatives to benefit the employability services of the department.


Research Officer

Marlyn helps to co-ordinate our events and services such as our career fair and workshops and helps to maintain our website. Marlyn also organises our publicity and promotion and helps to keep you updated with our latest news through our monthly newsletter and social media updates.


Office Clerk

Azimah is our first point of contact for anyone visiting the Careers Service and can provide one-to-one advice on how to book an appointment, use our website and provide information on our events and services.