Alumni Information


The National Energy Graduate Apprenticeship Scheme (NEGAS), EIDPMO

“NEGAS is one of the flagship schemes under the Energy Industry Competency Framework (EICF) targeting unemployed degree and HND graduates. NEGAS provides a conducive environment whereby employed and inexperience graduates can learn and acquire new knowledge and skills in the petroleum sector through a real world working environment.

The scheme will provide an opportunity for graduates to demonstrate their capabilities with the right attitude, where at the end of the scheme they will be assessed for full time employment with prospective employers.”

For more information on NEGAS and how to apply,click here.

BSP & BLNG Graduate Recruitment

“Graduate recruitment is a yearly process which is normally done early in the year and middle of the year. Each year the requirement for graduates with the appropriate degree qualifications, qualities and potentials will vary according to the business needs.

Publicity: We regularly participate or organise Career exhibitions/talks at local institutions or other locations. We would normally advertise for our Graduate recruitment via local media and on this website. This is the time where we invite Graduates to apply to us.

Application: When advertisement for Graduate recruitment is released, we invite candidates to apply to us by several options available that is most convenient for you. Graduates need to fill in an online application form which takes them through a series of questions.

Pre-Selection: What we are looking for are Bruneian citizens who have obtained a relevant Honours degree with preferably 2nd Class Lower (2:ii) or above accredited by the Ministry of Education of Negara Brunei Darussalam.”

For more information on BSP & BLNG Graduate Recruitment and how to apply,click here.

Graduate Apprenticeship Program (GAPS), JPKE

“GAPS, Graduate Apprenticeship Program, is a scheme funded under Dana Sumber Manusia, Government of Brunei Darussalam, which aims to provide graduates (of HND & Above qualifications) relevant hands-on work experience making them more competent and marketable in the future.”

For more information on GAPS and how to apply,click here.