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Deciding whether to pursue a Masters, PhD or other postgraduate course can be a important decision. You need to decide if a post-grad qualification will enhance your personal career prospects. Generally speaking graduates earn more from undertaking a postgraduate course.

Many students believe that undertaking a postgraduate course will automatically improve their career prospects but this will only apply if it directly enhances your specific field of interest. In other words you need to make sure that the area you study is the area that you want to work in to receive the full benefit. Tethering your Masters with work experience will give your CV the strongest advantage.

Some of the reasons you may choose to continue education can include:

  • You have an interest in a particular subject and want to improve your career prospects
  • You want to change your career direction
  • It’s required for a particular discipline such as medicine, law or teaching
  • You are interested in working in an academic career

You should not decide to continue with further study based on the below reasons:

  • To continue enjoying university life
  • Your parents or tutor have recommended you to
  • You feel unready for a job

Types of further study

There are two types of study modes applicants can choose from for graduate studies; full-time or part-time. There are also two types of graduate studies for the Master’s Degree levels; research or coursework. There are two intakes per year for most courses, usually in January and August.

To find out more about the latest graduate courses available please visit the graduates section of the UBD website.

Applying for further study

Interested candidates are required to apply online through the new Online Admissions Application System (OASys)

Here are some tips below to help you when making an application:

  • Check early on for the deadline for applications
  • Research the course
  • Make a list of the reasons you are interested in pursuing the course
  • Make sure you follow instructions carefully on an application and submit all requested information
  • Request for an academic to act as your referee
  • For PGCE applications, provide evidence to show your experience, motivation and ability to work with a young audience
  • For Masters and PhD applications, provide evidence to show your experience, motivation and ability to work in your chosen area
  • Proofread your application and ask a friend to check it over