CVs and Cover letters

You can use th template below to help you structure your CV and give you an idea of what information to include.


Date of Birth
E-mail Choose a professional email address or make one if you don't have one
I.C No/Colour No need to include any other information unless they ask in the job advert
Opening Statement
This is the most important part of your CV as most employers will decide at this point whether to continue reading. Remember most employers spend 6.25 seconds to see if it will grab their attention. Take your time and do a few versions, keep it short and to the point, perhaps just 3-5 lines. This is where you sell yourself. Sum up what you are bringing to the company, your experience and why you are qualified enough, perhaps also what you would like to achieve within the company.
Employment History
(List most recent to oldest and include full-time/part time work, volunteering, internships and any work experience you have. If you have lots of experience and it takes up space only include the most recent. If you have a gap in your employment history put in what you did during that time, you will be asked about it in an interview. If you have just graduated or have no employment history put your education before your work experience)
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] Job Position - Place of employment
(Talk about what you contributed within the role and how you made a difference. Talk about the great things that you got to do within your role. Sell the skills you used and give examples of situations where you put these in place. Make this relevant to the job your applying for. Avoid just listing your job description here)
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] Job Position - Place of employment
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] Job Position - Place of employment
(List highest qualfication to lowest. No need to list education lower than O Level)
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] University Course - University Name
(Give a brief description about the skills and modules you covered. Emphasise the skills you achieved to suit the job your applying for
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] College Name
List your A-Level Subjects
[Duration, e.g., May 2005 - 2007 July] School Name
List your O-Level Subjects
List any other professional qualifications you have e.g first aid/fire marshall certificate, full clean driving license, competency in microsoft word and excel, english speaking certificate.
List anything you are proud of that demonstrates your qualities as an individual e.g. completed work for charity, vice president for university club/society, achieved an award for entrepreneurship idea
Talk briefly about yourself but keep it semi-professional so it demonstrates soft skills and your good qualities. Perhaps your a passionate musician, you participate in sport or attend a toastmasters public speaking club.
No need to include referees for now unless they ask in the job advert. Save the space