International Students

i. Working in Brunei after graduation

Every foreigner who intends to work in Brunei must have a valid Employment Visa authorised by the Department of Immigration and National Registration and issued at the Brunei Embassy. Please note, however, that Malaysian and Singaporean students are exempted from this requirement and do not need an employment visa.

Here are some prerequisite entry requirements that you will need to prepare:-

  • The employer must have a quota license from the Labour Department
  • Approval letter from the work pass section of the Immigration And National Registration Department
  • The worker should have a valid passport/travel document recognized by the Brunei Director of Immigration and National Registration.
  • The passport must have a validity of 6 month before entering the country.

Reference: Click Here

For further information you can go to website or 2383106 /2383107 / 2383108 or email at

ii. Tips for international students seeking jobs outside Brunei

a. Finding opportunities to do your attachment outside.

It’s not easy for a company to hire international students for their vacancies because it’s more expensive than hiring a local. If you can do an internship attachment at an international organisation and demonstrate your capability you will more likely be offered a full time job afterwards.

b. Seek advice from CoNECT

We can help you to search your options and explore available opportunities overseas. We can also help put you in contact with other international alumni to help provide you with insight and networks Here is a useful link to a UK career site Prospects which gives tips and tricks on working in different foreign countries. Click Here

iii. Getting work experience as an international student

Getting work experience in Brunei will strengthen your CV and make you more attractive to employers in your home country. It will give you added value when you apply for work later, so grab opportunities to do something to impress employers with your experiences. These include:

  • Part-time work
  • Projects with external organizations as part of your course or outside your programme of study
  • Voluntary work, usually unpaid, for a charitable organization
  • Industrial placements

iv. Resources to enhance English Speaking Skill

UBD offers international students the following opportunities to improve their English language while studying at the university.

Non-Enrolled International Students
  • Global Discovery Program
  • GDP : Intensive English Proficiency Course - IELTs type Course
  • GDP : English Summer Course - General English Course

For international students not officially enrolled at UBD, we offer a Global Discovery Programme which takes place in one semester during the summer period. We also prepare General English Courses and IELTS-type english courses depending on the number of participants.

For further enquiries please contact:

Harris Ar-Rafi Mohd Zaini
Global Discovery Programme Coordinator
Tel +673 2463001 ext 1380

Enrolled International Students

For international students currently enrolled and studying in UBD (more than one semester such as exchange, undergraduate etc) looking to meet the English requirements to continue to undergo their study at UBD, we offer a Bridging English Course.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Joanna Yacob
Acting Deputy Registrar (Academic)
Tel +673 2463001 ext 2007

You can also find many free online resources for helping you to improve your use of the English language. We have included a few links below to help get you started:

v. Networking with other international students

As a student you are constantly told about the importance of networking for your future career. Networking is great for sharing ideas and expanding knowledge while learning more about other cultures, job opportunities, and seeing things from a different perspective. It is good to begin networking with people around you. You can join student international clubs at UBD to network with other international students. Please visit the Universiti Brunei Darussalam International Society Club Facebook page for more information Click Here