External Links

Here is a selection of useful external career links that can offer additional information and opportunities to develop your career.

Ministry of Education, Brunei (MoE)Go to Site
The Ministry of Education as a professional and dynamic organisation provides a holistic education system of an international standard offering educational programs with a relevant and balanced curriculum which will develop students to their fullest potential.
Jabatan Perancangan & Kemajuan Ekonomi, Brunei (JPKE) Go to Site
JPKE as a central economic planning organisation plays a pivotal role in helping Brunei Darussalam attain progressive and sustainable economic growth.
Pejabat Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) Go to Site
SPA supplies quality public services according to national needs in an efficient, effective and impartial manner.
Job Centre Brunei Go to Site
JCB strives to be a "One-Stop Career Center" where local jobseekers may utilise available services to help improve their employability and marketability in the job market and where private companies may use its facilities for their local recruitment process.
The Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister's Office (EIDPMO) Go to Site
Government department aimed at accelerating and enhancing economic growth by developing an industry-ready workforce.


Society for Community Outreach & Training (SCOT),Brunei Go to Site
Society for Community Outreach & Training (SCOT) is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) under the Registrar of Society (ROS) Brunei Darussalam with its mission of being a catalyst for sustainable poverty alleviation in Brunei Darussalam
Green Brunei Go to Site
Promoting environmental sustainability through education, conservation and advocacy.
KatakIjau Go to Site
KatakIjau Humanitarian Relief Support Group is committed to helping to build a stronger nation. Its aims include strengthening the integrity of the nation through patriotism to the Sultan, the religion and the country; reinforcing the belief that we are capable of being a brilliant, successful catalyst and successor to the nation; inspiring care and concern for the less fortunate by engaging in charitable work, volunteering with sincerity, honesty and trust to serve the nation and the country, jointly addressing social issues among the youth with leadership, knowledge and experience through coaching, training and counselling; creating self-sustaining grassroots projects that can be carried out independently; and ensuring that aid can be channelled through various projects and fundraising events.