What is MyCoNECT

MyCoNECT is your own unique login to CoNECT which allows you to personalise your experience of the site and is available to UBD students and alumni only. You can login with your UBD login (for students) or OARA login (for alumni) where you will be able to carryout the following:

Create a personal profile


We recommend you create a personal profile as early as your first year.

Here you will also be encouraged to create and upload a copy of your CV. You will then have the option to allow perspective employers signed up on the site to view your profile who may be interested in offering you an internship, part-time or full-time job vacancy during your studies or afterwards.

The MyResume page allows employers to view your details and latest CV. If they are impressed with what they see they may like to offer you a position or internship within their company.

Your MyResume page will be deactivated by default. Once you are happy with your MyResume page and have uploaded a good quality CV you can activate it within your account settings to share your details with prospective employers.

You can also upload various CVs within your account settings page and choose a default CV that will display on your MyResume page.

Below are some tips to ensure your MyResume page stands out and promotes you in the best way:

  • Upload a good quality, smartly dressed photo of yourself. Don’t forget to smile!
  • Make sure you keep your default CV up to date with all your latest achievements and show employers the skills you have achieved. Take a look at our CV Writing section on how to improve your CV
  • Make sure your personal details are displaying correctly
  • Write a good personal statement. This can be a reflection of the personal statement on your CV and can help an employer decide if they want to find out more about you. Keep it short and punchy, 5 lines max to sum up your strengths and ambitions. Take a look at our CV Writing section on how to improve your CV for more tips in this area.
  • Don’t forget your MyResume page is deactivated by default. Only when you activate your MyResume page within your accounts settings will employers be able to see your CV and details.

MyResume Employer Matching


MyResume is an area where employers can find out more about you and view your CV. They will usually be scouting for talented individuals to offer internship placements and job opportunities.

Your MyResume page is initially deactivated but once you have uploaded a good CV and written a personal statement you can activate it by ticking Publish Resume in your account settings.

You can select your CV by going into your account settings and choosing a default CV from your list. It is best to choose a CV that is well-rounded and showcases your best skills and talents for the type of job you are interested in.

You can also edit your personal statement. Take your time and do a few versions, keep it short and to the point, around 3-5 lines. We have set a character limit to help you keep to this length.

This is where you sell yourself. Sum up what you are bringing to a company, your experiences and why you are qualified enough, perhaps also what you would like to achieve for a company.

Book into our Career Fair


Our annual career fair provides a valuable opportunity for current students, graduands and alumni to seek employment, internship opportunities and part-time work while offering opportunities to network with employers and understand the skills and experiences employers require. This will allow you to plan your time through university to meet these requirements through extra-curricular activities.

The fair also offers a series of talks which serve as both educational and motivational on a range of inspiring topics including alumni success stories, life within employment, tips on becoming an entrepreneur and how to make the best use of your time at university.

Our talks will be complemented by our career upskilling clinics covering vital skills on how to construct a winning CV, how to become a competent interviewee and how to be able to deliver a strong presentation. We consider these skills essential for every student as they will be required in internship and discovery year applications and graduate job placements.

To register to the next career fair event please log into MyCoNECT and go to MyEvents

Book into a Career Upskilling Clinic

Book into an Employability Talk/Event


Throughout the academic year, CoNECT will be offering a series of employer and alumni talks and corporate profiling events ranging from inspirational and educational talks through to networking events and recruitment drives. The events give you a chance to gain real insight into the world of industry and allow you to share in some of these individual experiences.

Some of the events will include activities and competitions to help you gain the experience of working towards an industrial goal with the added prospect of winning prizes and the opportunity to work for the company in the future.

These events are not to be missed!

Keep an eye on all our up-and-coming talks and events by logging onto MyCoNECT and viewing our MyEvents section.

Book an appointment with a Career Guide


To book an appointment log into MyCoNECT and select MyCareerGuidance. Select a free slot on the calendar and fill in the form giving brief details on what you would like to get out of the meeting. Be as specific as possible as it helps the Career Guide to plan your session to help you get the most out of it.

Once submitted your Guide will be in touch to accept your meeting and may contact you if they have any other questions.

That’s it! All that’s left is to make a note of the time, date and location and make sure you turn up early with a copy of your CV. If you cannot make the slot for any reason please let the guide know so they can cancel your appointment as another student could benefit from your slot.

For more information, please see our Career Guides section.

Keep up to date with MyCoNECT career vacancies


CoNECT are here to help bring graduate jobs, internship opportunities, part-time vacancies and volunteering opportunities from various organisations into one place where you can browse and filter by sector, type and location to match your requirements.

We make it simple for you to apply for a vacancy by simply attaching your CV and covering letter in response to a job posting.

Jobs will be listed by order of newest to oldest postings but do keep an eye on the closing dates for applications as some may only be a couple of weeks or less.

Log into MyCoNECT to start browsing our current list of vacancies

Maintain and monitor your career passport


Our Career Passport is an exciting new tool to help you map out your personal career journey.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a clear idea of what career path you are looking to take but for those who don’t, don’t worry! Your time at university is an ideal time to decide what type of career you think you will enjoy.

Check out our Personality Profiling pages where you can learn about what type of job might suit your personality or book an appointment with one of our career guides who can talk with you to explore your different options.

Once you have an idea of your ideal career, spend some time to research what type of skills an employer maybe looking for in addition to your academic qualifications.

Employers are now more than ever looking for real world skills in addition to academic achievements when choosing a prospective employee. In fact just to give you an idea of how valuable these skills are on a global scale, 89% of employers in the UK favour aptitude and attitude over degree subject (CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey,2015). Many businesses report worrying weaknesses in graduates’ basic skills and general readiness for employment, ranging from shortcomings in graduate applicants’ use of English to general communication skills and customer awareness.

Are they looking for someone who works well in a team, a good communicator or someone who is motivated and driven? During a job interview an employer will ask you to demonstrate how you have shown use of these skills so it’s a good idea to spend your time at university gaining these experiences.

You can use your career passport to set your personal career goal with which you can develop a credible experiences portfolio. You will receive points for each experience you complete, and the more you involve yourself in ECAs (extra curricular activities), the more points you will receive. These points will help you to keep track of how well you are doing and you can also compete to be in our top 10 on our board for the highest achievers!

Experiences can include Discovery Year internships and community outreach programmes, volunteering and project work, part-time employment and engaging with UBD clubs and societies.

How to use MyCareerPassport

Log into MyCoNECT and select MyCareerPassport from the drop down menu.

Career Goal - Set yourself a career goal. This can be a job title or a generic area that you would like to work in after graduation.

Skills Required - Next, research your career goal role to understand what kind of skills and experiences are required. You can do this by researching similar job postings online and looking at the job descriptions. You can also visit our Industry Insight section to read more about what you can do with your degree and different industry sectors. Fill in as many skills as are required by similar positions.

Skills Achieved - Now that you have an idea of the kind of role you want and the extra skills outside your degree course that you need to help you when you apply for the job you can start to plan your time at university to acquire these skills. This will make your CV focused towards your career goal and give you a lot to talk about in your future interview.

If for example a job description mentions that your ideal career role requires financial experience, then you can choose to spend an internship or your DY year working with a bank. Alternatively if you require leadership experience you can aim to achieve a position of responsibility within a club or society at UBD.

Once you have achieved a skill you can choose the description from the drop down menu and fill in some brief details about the experience. Don’t forget to keep your CV updated with all the new skills you have achieved.

Once you feel like you have achieved one of your skills required to achieve your career goal you can mark it off the list. Well done, you’re one step closer!

Core Career Clinics

We have 3 Core Career Clinics that you must attend during your time at UBD. These are essential to help give you the basic skills required to be successful in a job interview. Once you have registered and attended one of these clinics it will automatically be ticked off your list so you can keep track of how many left you need to attend.

Ask a question


If you have a question or query feel free to pop in and see us during office hours.

Should you wish you can also ask us a question and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

To ask us a question about CoNECT or any of our services, log into MyCoNECT and select ‘Ask us a question’ at the bottom of the drop down list.

Pop back in later on to see our response and feel free to reply to us if you would like to ask another question related to your thread.