Personality Profiling

Personality tests are designed to gather information about your personal traits and your attitudes towards life. They help us to understand what makes us act the way we do in certain situations, identify our strengths and weaknesses and help us to determine what jobs and lifestyle would best suit us.

Different personality types find different activities, work roles and social groups exciting so finding out more about ourselves can really help us to understand and seek out the opportunities that fulfil our personal needs.

Personality tests provide us with a strong indication of what aptitudes we are able to bring to a job role, from our communication ability, logistical thinking, creativity and leadership. These test are therefore very important to help employers determine the right selection for future candidates.

Personality test’s help you to:

  1. Understand what career choice will work best for you. Are you a problem solver or a creative thinker?
  2. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint areas to develop and improve
  3. Understand the social and working environment’s that will match your personality type

There are plenty of free online personality tests you can try. Below are a few links to some of these free online tests:

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