Explore Your Options and Get Involved

1. Get to know the career services offered at UBD CoNECT

2. Explore the type of career you are interested in and set a goal for your CoNECT Career Passport. Visit our Industry Insight page to learn more about the different career sectors available.

3. Take personality quizzes and check out what recent graduates from your courses do.

4. If you have a career in mind, research relevant companies and look for specific job requirements or experiences they are looking for. Use this to set the experience targets in your CoNECT Career Passport

5. Get involved! Gain experience! Take on voluntary work, part-time work or get involved in clubs or societies and update your CoNECT Career Passport with all the exciting experiences you have gained.

6. Attend our workshops on CV Writing, Interview Skills and Presentation Technique to enhance your prospects of securing part-time work and internships.

7. Create a MyResume page in your CoNECT account and write a CV. Employers can view your account to offer you jobs and internships so make sure you impress them by keeping it up to date with your latest experiences!

8. Visit the Careers Fair to get ideas on possible future employers and careers opportunities.

Develop Employability Skills, Establish Networks and Get More Involved!

1. Identify your strengths and work out your weaknesses. Improve your soft as well as hard skills that may be required for your career

2. Develop and enhance your CV. Make sure to keep it updated

3. Build your network with employers! Visit the Careers Fair!

4. Get some relevant work experiences - you won't get far without it. Apply for short-term placements, volunteering or part-time work during semester breaks

5. Work hard for your grades. Many large organisations require an Upper Second Class Honours degree (2:1), so it pays you to work hard academically to try to achieve this

6. Discovery Year placements-make full use of it!

7. Get actively involved in an outside university. Try to get a position or be an active member of your university’s club or societies. This helps to make you stand out to employers whilst equipping you with soft skills that are needed

8. Consider volunteering opportunities. Although it is unpaid, the experiences you gained will be priceless

9. Do your Research! Continue researching for possible career opportunities and employers if you have not done so

10. Consider further studies

11. Visit UBD CoNECT for any career related advices

Focus On Getting Your Grades and Start Applying

1. Start applying for graduate jobs. Research prospective companies and send out your CVs. Visit MyCoNECT Career Vacancies to view the latest opportunities and look out for deadlines!

2. If you plan to further your studies, make sure you meet the deadline for applications. Visit Here

3. Do your best to get good grades!

4. Visit Careers Fairs and look out for vacancies

5. Visit UBD CoNECT for any career-related advice