Welfare and Support

Good Leadership

Good leadership and team management is about inspiring people to work to the best of their capabilities. Leadership and team management vary slightly in terms of their responsibilities, where team management focuses on developing the strengths of a team, while leadership focuses on strategy and setting a course of action.

It can be said that leadership is similar to teamwork with added responsibility. Due to their positive qualities, good leaders are highly sought after by employers even if they are not being hired for a management job. A leader must be brave, build trust among team members, be inspirational and good at delegating tasks.

When referencing team leadership skills on a CV or at an interview you will need to demonstrate how you personally impacted a team’s success through positive influence. You should use words like ‘managed’ and ‘delegated’. For example you could say that due to multiple deadlines approaching you divided each task and delegated them to team members based on their current workloads.

You can gain leadership skills by volunteering to head up a community project or applying for a position of authority within a club or society. You might also like to consider volunteering to assist in running an event or activity at UBD.

Stress Management

Assignments, deadlines and university life, together with the social pressure to excel academically and achieve a successful career can easily lead to an increase in stress levels.

According to Hungarian scientist Hans Selye, stress is someone's reaction towards an environmental demand and is a normal occurrence. During normal levels of stress, our body releases hormones meant for survival which can help boost the immune system. However, high levels of stress can be detrimental to our academic and personal life if left unchecked.